Sales & Inventory Management System

The Rhomicom Sales Management application area is built around highly flexible sales order management functionality that can accommodate any type of manufacturing, distribution, and/or service business. Able to handle manufacturing environments from make-to-stock to make-to-order, distribution channels from direct-from-inventory to direct-from-suppliers, and business complexity from single sites to multiple locations worldwide, the Rhomicom sales management toolset will help you gain increased control and visibility of your sales and revenues. With seamless visibility into the financial, manufacturing and production data of its core ERP solution, With Rhomicom Sales Management, you gain access to a deep set of standard sales features, with the flexibility to do things like:

Sell to multiple Customers, Create workflows that will streamline your sales process from the initial request to the order, while configuring and then automating user tasks like calculating promise dates and providing quotations. and make of Search on any field, or any data point very easily.

Key Features

The Rhomicom sales order management modules come with predefined processes, roles, menus and forms that can be easily aligned to your existing sales organization and process. Customers can be easily segmented into various categories for posting control, statistics, discount management and more. You also can categorize your products in any way—putting them into accounts, classes or groups at the product or line item level. Likewise, pricing and other classifications are available for each product and item, with options for language, units, payment terms, delivery terms, delivery methods, currency clauses, and more. When it’s time to sell something, your sales team will have a real-time view of what is available to sell and what is not—including product variants and seasonal products, as well as automated pricing based on negotiated quotes, price lists, tax calculations, and discounts.

The Rhomicom variant management feature helps companies that sell products in variants quickly and efficiently obtain inventory balances, as well as understand item availability in response to customer demands. Examples of such industries are apparel (quality, color and sizes), shoes (sizes and colors), furniture (colors, fabrics, materials), and construction (material and lengths). In the Rhomicom variant management feature, all attributes are connected to a master item, and with the help of a matrix, each variant item cab be managed uniquely by the system, making it easy to retrieve sales statistics or purchasing suggestions at the variant level. Rhomicom variant management also has built-in features to help you manage item seasonality, surpluses, and shortages. Rhomicom Sales Management handles a broad range of requirements for pricing agreements and discount management, from tiered pricing to complex discount matrices. When your customer is ready to buy, quotations can then be quickly converted to orders. You also can brand and adjust standard quotations on the fly, as well as connect them to mailing contacts, lists or campaigns.

The Rhomicom Sales Management application area allows you to enter and log customer claims, including remarks about items, orders and invoices, and record how they are to be settled as well as actions to be taken. You can define different workflows for different types of claims, specify the data required for scheduling, and control how activities should be reported.