We are Rhomicom Systems Inc. , a Software Development, Training and Consulting Company established on 28th June 2021 in the State of Delaware via Stripe/Atlas package . We specialize in Enterprise Resource Planning Software, Networking, Mobile Applications and website designing and management. We provide support for all software applications with enthusiasm. Our codes are carefully written to meet clients needs, thoroughly reviewed and dynamic to accept changes as technology evolves. Our clients tell us that the standard, make and look we introduce bring confidence and efficiency in their businesses. We’re here to support your business grow profitably and efficiently by discussing your challenges and plans, evaluating your existing IT infrastructure and making some initial recommendations.

Our clients enjoy the best cloud platform management services, competitive web hosting pricing, expert guidance and customized codes to suit their business processes, hands-on support and product training.

Robust, purpose-built cloud hosting

Your central IT deserves enough time to focus on other important business applications. We have available robust hosting services which are fully managed by us.

  • 24/7 Operational Support
  • Custom Hosting Services
  • On-Time Response
  • Daily Database Backups
  • A Central Team Constantly Monitoring Performance

Hands-on support and product training

Our enterprise support services include on-site training, performance monitoring, best practices consultations and many more. Rhomicom is dedicated to helping your business run smoothly, efficiently and extensively plan ahead for future growth in your user base, business complexity and technologies of the web itself.

Our codes are expertly reviewed to ensure every line of code goes up on your site secured and to ensure high application performance. You will also have full access to our expert team to help you along the way with guidance, advice and problem solving

Technology Dynamism and Integration

Our software are programmed to accept changes when the need arises. Our customers enjoy flexibility to make changes, the opportunity to choose between tools and providers, and great confidence in decisions made. Our team of experts ensure that all third-party technologies are vetted to meet the highest standard of security and performance.

We have the resources to support your business as market needs change and drive innovations while keeping the core platform simple, flexible and efficient.