“The function of Good Software is to make the Complex appear Simple

-Grady Booch-

Rhomicom is dedicated to helping clients BUILD their DREAMS with ease. We have experts enthused about making your business easy to manage and profitable by building software purposely for your business- to suit your organizational structure, policies and procedures. Our product offerings are designed to meet all our clients’ needs as they are dynamic in nature, unique in appearance and user friendly.

We have ready made ERP Business Suite which are customizable to meet current trends and your business’s needs, IT consultants to assist you make critical IT decisions for your business(s), networking experts to ensure clients’ hardware devices are properly and securely networked to improve the flow of information within your organization, website development professionals to design and manage your business’ website(s) to help your organization’s clients have access to rich information easily.

IT Solutions & Consultancy

Rhomicom is an expert in building software solutions including mobile applications and offering consultancy services to meet every customer’s needs. We also have available carefully crafted ERP software to support businesses in areas of finance, inventory, sales, purchasing, payroll and human resource.

Network Solution & Security

Rhomicom assists businesses maintain the finest workflow standards and management of IT infrastructure as well as ensuring all networks are highly secured. We offer network services such as preparation of Network Architecture (Network protocol, Backbone at twisted wire, cable or optical fibre, Net topology, Hub/Switches, Conceptual Diagram etc.), LAN/ WAN set-up, Corporate Intranets, Network Administration and Windows Servers/ Novell Netware/ UNIX/ Linux Server support.

Website Design & Management

Our team of professional website designers are dedicated to creatively showcasing our clients products, services and business as a whole to the world by designing state of the art websites and effectively managing them. These include Web HostingWebsite MaintenanceWebsite Monitoring, and 24/7 Priority Support.

Training & Support

We provide computer training at the basic, medium and advanced level. We also have special training sessions for our available products(ERP software). Our teaching sessions are flexible to suite your availability or busy schedules. Clients who have access to our ERP software also enjoy 24/7 support services as we have a reliable team to assist with any issues that need to be resolved swiftly.