Product Training

We believe that a software product is only as effective as its user and also deploying capabilities,. We provide training programs to help our users get the best out of our products.

We have a wide range of training options for content, duration and media. Training programs are conducted onsite, online through webinars and in-house at our corporate office. Programs are of different time duration’s and range from 1 week to 3 months. We also offer separate programs with content specific to different user groups such as developers, end users, and process managers.

On the job Training

On the job training is conducted by one or more Trainers at your premises. This option allows your users to be trained without having to leave their offices. Schedules for on the job training are customized to address specific requirements.

Online Training

Online training webinars are scheduled to provide live product demos on the Internet where trainees can interact with our experts. This option provides users with a condensed training program that saves time and is delivered right to the desks of users. Both Basic and Advanced courses are available to meet the training needs of users at different levels.